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Pure coconut oil is good for you. It is the oil of the fruit so what grows in nature must be good for us as it is natural. Most coco oils in the shop are maybe 30-50% pure coco oil with some not so good other stuff added, to make more profit. Some of them taste pretty bad. Once you have tasted the real stuff you will know immediately by smell or taste if it is pure coco oil or not, which is the only thing you want to put into your body.
Pure coco oil is much more expensive than the poor quality ones so this is a guiding factor too.
Same with massage shops they mostly use cheap coco/chemical oil mix. Bring your own oil. What goes on the skin goes into the body. If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin.
Bad oils are very damaging to the body and will age you very quickly. Most cooking oils are more plastic than natural oil and are chemically altered again when heated to a high temperature.
Coco oil is one of the few exception to this as it can be heated to a high temp without altering despite being labeled wrongly in the food industry as an unstable oil.
Changing over from bad oils to goods oils is a big step towards your good health.
Natural oils are best eaten in their original form (first generation), ie. in the whole fruit (olive, avocado etc.). Second generation is when it is pressed out of the fruit and stored in a bottle. This is second best but we need oils so sometimes this is the only way we can get them. Oils are delicate and when taken out of their natural suspension so to speak they are vulnerable to being altered by being exposed to light, heat, being stored in plastic instead of glass etc.
Fish oils are said to be very delicate and don’t keep well outside of the fish.
Good oils: Olive, coconut, avocado, flax, sesame etc. Ghee (clarified butter) is said to be excellent for cholesterol. Nuts have good oils for the brain which is mostly fat (lecithin)
The best oils should ideally be labeled: stone ground (a rare thing), cold pressed (no heat involved in the extraction process), first press (not the second press), pure extra virgin oil (not mixed or blended with any other oil). In a dark glass bottle (protected from oxidation by daylight). Taste is everything and should be your guide.
Bad oils: most cheap cooking oils in the store, especially in clear plastic bottles. Oils are light sensitive and best stored in dark bottles.
Good fats push the bad fats out. Oils keep the liver and gallbladder flowing so the gallstones don’t build up. They are necessary for the vascular system also. We need fats (plant fats) in out diet.
1-2 tablespoons per day is good. More for a therapeutic dose.
Plant oils are best for our body


18 Feb 2018