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10 Best Detox Samui Tips 2016 – The Source, Ko Samui, Thailand

10 Best Detox Samui Tips 2016 – Koh Samui, Thailand

  1. Use natures medicines (herbal formulas) to detoxify, cleanse and rebuild the body and it’s organs.
  2. Use natures foods (fruits from the trees) that cleanse the body and give it real vitamins and minerals.
  3. Take the sun frequently, it gives the body many health benefits including Vit D ( a hormone)
  4. Breath clean air in nature and especially in the house keep the air as clean as possible
  5. Drink clean water
  6. Avoid unnatural supplements that do not grow in nature
  7. Eat foods at their correct time of day
  8. Exercise the body
  9. Meditate to alleviate stress
  10. Sleep at the correct time, from late night till early morning


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